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Training &
Group Coaching

We provide instructor-led training in the following formats:

  • Half-Day Workshops

  • Full-Day Workshops

  • Hybrid in-person/Webinar workshops

  • Conference Sessions


Contact us for custom pricing based on your needs.



We tailor Coaching services for:

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Disability Inclusion

Our programs are tailored to achieve behavioral outcomes using needs assessments, problem identification, KPI, feedback surveys, and SMART goal development.

Coaching can be provided  individually or in a Group. Contact us for pricing.


Intervention for Retention

Employee Training and Group Coaching impacts your company's investment in people. Employees that don't feel included look to their next job and want to move on. This is especially true for 87% of Millennial employees who value professional growth opportunities more than preceding generations. Group Coaching improves work performance, but also autonomy in personal abilities like coping, resilience, attitude and meeting goals. Retain your best people.


Fostering Better Teams Through Trust: 

We use role simulation in our training and coaching because internal negotiations focus on building trust between people. People have to receive feedback to improve! After assessing company needs, a training course or team coaching may be proposed to address alignment issues. We close the gap between skill deficits and learned skills in several ways including Affinity Group creation. 


Learn Effectively with Inclusive Instructional methods

Our training and coaching includes methods that are evidence-based for long-term behavior change. Computer-based training is expedient, but we use multisensory strategies for learning. We incorporate those methods to tailoring a custom program for, and about, conflict in the workplace.


Create Action Plans that Motivate

Ensure that your team is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be productive. Through our comprehensive training sessions, we will help your employees understand their roles and develop action plans to achieve their goals. As a result, your team will be more motivated and productive.

Employee training and group coaching infographic

Change starts now

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