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Personal Performance

If feelings are interfering with your ability to negotiate or communicate in everyday situations? The AskBetter Program is a solution to resolving conflict with Personal Performance Coaching.


Format Options:

  • Virtual

  • In-person



  • Set ground rules

  • Help you uncover true needs

  • Set goals

  • Define the steps needed to meet them

  • Understand how collaboration works

  • Model skills for success



  • 6 months*

  • Establish a pattern of action and learning

  • Learn from failures and successes

  • Contribution of Emotions

  • Reframe conversations

  • Use values to inform decisions

  • Create Choices

*Individual Coaching fees range based on the approximate hours needed per week.

Personal Performance Coaching client

AskBetter Program: Your Orientation to Co-active Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching is a proven way to improve your communication and negotiation skills. It starts with the assumption that you have the competence to effect change for yourself. You just need someone to help you get there. 5 competencies govern the process, and your coach must embody them in each interaction in order for you to accomplish goals. What should you be looking for in a Coach? Listening, intuition, Curiosity, Forward and Deepen and Self-Management. Your Coach has ICF-accredited training and practical experience in these competencies.


How we get started

Our communication coaching focus helps you reach your goals through improved communication skills. We work with you to identify your objectives and agree upon goals to begin the coaching process. With our guidance and support, you can build confidence and clarity in your communication to help reach your full potential.


Nothing changes without you

Together, we design a plan that requires commitment. You have a safe space to practice new behavior and resist reverting to old habits. It is natural and human to falter along the way and have to reset. That is part of learning. Did we mention that we like working with people not robots?


What to Look Forward to: Uncovering Possibilities and Experiences Beyond Expectations

Your actions lead the way to individual accomplishments. You might backtrack or slip, but can expect results in about 6 months depending on your needs.

A membership badge for the International Coaching Federation

Change starts now

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