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We provide coaching to leadership. Principles of the coaching method are fundamental. See our AskBetter Program; however, if this service is designed to be part of an employer-paid program, the engagement must include your employer objectives.

Format Offerings:

  • Virtual

  • Hybrid

  • In-person

Key Results:

  • Have productive difficult conversations

  • Understand the contribution of the issues

  • Preserve or develop relationships

  • Expand Perspectives

  • Resolve Conflict 


Coaching engagements can be 18 hours on the lower end to 60 hours on the high end. 

Professional Coaching Client

More Individual Contribution at work

Some facts to consider on Professional Coaching: A study of Fortune 500 Companies reported that coaching resulted in a 61% improvement in job satisfaction scores as well as a 48% rise in quality. Employees in the United States spend around 2.8 hours every week dealing with conflict. This is about $359 billion in paid hours spent on lost productivity.


Tailored to Company Objectives

We design a coaching program that focuses on your objectives. The process is similar to the AskBetter Program, but it will factor in your company culture in addition to your own characteristics. It will always be based on your priorities and include interaction with your Coach. Need inclusive strategies? We can speak to that.


Conflict at work: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

We incorporate the following triggers for conflict where needed and after analysis: Unclear communication, Mismatched values and personalities, Lack of resources and heavy workloads and poorly-defined roles and responsibilities. Relationships shift and you will be able to apply your skills with a dynamic footing.


Your new skills are for the long-term

Our professional coaching services provide short term support to help you achieve long lasting results. Our experienced coaches guide you through a tailored process to help you identify areas for growth and improvement, and provide the tools and strategies to help you reach your goals. With our support, you'll be able to unlock your potential and reach the next level of success.

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