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Individual & Business Consulting Services

Getting along takes work. Everyday we encounter disagreements as we go about our business.  When they occur, we can control how we deal with them. If those disagreements are unmet needs, high stakes, with people we care about, or work with, they can substantially interfere with productivity, job satisfaction and, more broadly, quality of life. 

Are you able to separate people from problems?  Are you taking a position instead of discovering interests? Let's change that. What we do for you can help you get to agreement in the following ways:

Woman listening to another woman in a coaching session

We begin with Assessment

Your Coaching starts with an assessment that includes problem analysis to help visualize what success means to you, or what a successful negotiation will look like. Features of our AskBetter program include: simulation, role-play, assignments and practice. You're going to be confident that you will be able to develop a plan and execute it.

Your Skill Development 
Translates into Positive Forward Action

Are you a Manager who needs a Coach? Leverage our experience. We make sure that you can expand your own negotiation skills, and/or meet company objectives for an integrative, collaborative work environment

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Employees getting trained

Team Training for Business

Are you struggling to retain and foster cooperation with your employees? We assess your existing support structure for resolving conflict and provide training to build trust inclusively that you can see in your data and feedback. Request a Training Proposal.

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We always looking for new and challenging opportunities. Let's connect.

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